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Traditional Ho'oponopono from Hawai'i - original Hawaiian relationship healing practiced on islands before arrival of missionaries.

In Hawaiian tradition Ho'oponopono means Healing Relationships within Ohana (extended family). A unique ability of healing relationships was one of the well-known skills of Hawaiian people.
Hawai'i is one of the most isolated places on our planet. Geographical distance caused the Hawaiian people to be more interested in healing relationships with the people they lived, rather than looking for new relationships. Hawaiian healers also knew that people cannot run away from unsolved problems, the problems will "follow" them wherever they go...
After centuries of practice in keeping relationships focused on love, Hawaiian culture became an "Aloha culture", where Aloha means that loving relationships between people, their ancestors, descendants and Nature (which include all other beings, visible and invisible) are more important than individual wealth or success.
What is Traditional Ho'oponopono?
A long time ago, when people were living close to each other in small communities, kahunas (priests and shamans in one person) could predict possible problems (of individuals or communities) even before they happened in reality. To prevent such a situation, a shaman would gather Ohana (the family and village people), to take action, which was supposed to prevent them from possible misfortune (or disease).
Hawaiian Kahunas had unique knowledge - they were aware of strict connections between negative emotions like jealousy, hatred and the desire to harm others, and physical disease.
Hawaiian Kahunas knew that if a person experiences hatred it can create serious, or sometimes fatal, physical conditions in this person's body, in the hatred person body or in one or both family members.
To the people with health problems and serious diseases, Kahunas would always use Traditional Ho'oponopono. Kahunas knew that it is not effective to give physical medicine if the root of the physical problem lies in unresolved emotions. Kahunas on old Hawai'i have very specific knowledge about the connection between unhealed relationships holding on to wrong actions, harmful intentions, thoughts and emotions and physical suffering of the involved people and/or their family members.
Ho'oponopono is not "positive thinking" as some people believe today. Ho'oponopno is not "forgiveness" as in Catholic faith and introduced to the Hawaiian people in the 19th century.
Ancient Hawaiian Ho'oponopono represents very specific knowledge about rules of action, which must be kept in order to restore Aloha in relationships. This very old process of healing was working on all levels of reality: traditional Ho'oponopono was restoring the health of the body, the sense of trust and love in relationships, and peace into Ohana.
Traditional Ho'oponopono was never a process of mind cleansing. It was always a full set of actions between real people - speaking to each other, searching for the truth, choosing pono actions, using values of honesty and respecting each other. An abuser would never be "freed" by "forgiveness" if this person would not convince Ohana - through their own new actions - than he/she can be trusted again.

Ancient Ho'oponopono would not only heal the problems of one person, but the whole Ohana functioning. It was never enough knowing only one technique to use Ho'oponopono in practice. Ancient Ho'oponopono includes skills and experiences such as:
- healing toxic bonds,
- black- magic influences,
- consequences of traumas,
- toxic family traditions,
- making peace with Ancestors
- and becoming the role model for using high values.
On this web site we present Traditional Hawaiian Ho'oponopono - which we learned and used with support and blessing of shamans from the Big Island of Hawaii.Hawaiian solutions differ in different relationship types:
Information about Traditional Ho'oponopono comes from practice with Kahuna of Traditional Ho'oponopono, Mona Kahele from Big Island Hawai'i. Auntie Mona was a local healer who used traditional Ho'oponopono to serve her Hawaiian community for half of her life. The other sources of information come from interactions with Hawaiian people for the last 16 years, also from the teaching of Papa Henry Auwae from Hilo, from books and Polynesian archives - all together put into therapeutic practice for the last 20 years by Teresa Kaczura . The results are astonishing, when values of honesty, truth, pono and aloha are in use.

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