Article 1. Kahuna

Kahuna on old Hawaii, part 1

To become a Ho'oponopono healer, person would need to be prepared by Kahunas in a similar way, as we learn medicine at university today. People who were not trusted, who were willing to control, dismiss and abuse others, would not be trusted to lead a Ho'oponopono process. Only the highly trusted Kupuna - elder in Ohana, could take this responsibility and learn under the guidance of Kahuna. Misuse of Ho'oponopono practice could be considered as toxic and could create heavy consequneces.

The knowledge about healing was on old Hawai'i passed from generation to generation - usually from grandparents to grandchildren. The person would be choosen in early childhood and would come through long and demanding training. Auntie Mona Kahene, Kahuna Ho'oponopono on Big Island Hawai'i was describing her process of becoming a future healer: as twelve years old girl she was send (together with few other girls only) to volcano forrest for five days and nights without food and water. This was the training, which would give signs, which child have certain qualities and can be trained further.

The latest Kahuna Nui on Big Island Hawai'i was Henry Auwae. He passed away in 2001. In his life he was teaching about "lapau lapa'au" - the skills to use hearbs in healing. Many people from all over the world were coming to his home for help. He had intention to pass the deeper knowledge from old times to people from western modern culture. Today many people refer to his teaching, yet representig in their lives and practice very differents values, which change the meaning of his teaching.

Kahuna would pass the information verbally and through experiences, which he would arrange for his students. The learning therefore happens not through intelect only, but mainy are results of expeiences. The results of training include changes of life values, perception and actions.

Important information were hidden in language (in a symbolic way), in chants and rituals. Originaly hula dance was as well the source of strong power for connnecting with Aumakua and Akua.

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