Hawai'i, Big Island

Spiritual & Healing Traditions of Hawai'i

Practice of traditional Ho'oponopono means becoming sensitive to other people needs and to answer question: what is right decission, right behaviour - from moment to moment.

We talk stories and Hawaiian legends; meditate on petroglyph fields, learn about old healing symbols, learn to respect Hawaiian Akuas, dance hula in front of river of red lava, talk to Akua Pele , walk through the craters, swim with wild dolphins in Pacific ocean or/and with manta ray in the night.

We learn basics of Hawaiian language, enjoy chanting traditional Hawaiian chants. We walk through Hawaiian jungle and visit old heiaus (temples).

We participate in traditional events and meet Kama'aina - local Hawaiian people, who teaches us the old style of Hawaiian life. We practice making fresh flower garlands - lei, tapa (fabric made from trees bark), experience Lomilomi massage and taste Hawaiian traditional food. We learn about Hawaiian plants used until today in healing.

E komo mai - You are welcome to join!

Practice on Hawai'i for participants of seminars only.
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