Original Hawaiian Ho'oponopono

Ua ola loko i ke aloha - Love is the source of Life...Hawaiian Proverb

Hawaiian Traditional Ho'oponopono

Ho'oponopono is a process of bringing the balance for individual and system. It works on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. It goes deep into traumatic memories and toxic bonds created in childhood. Traditional Ho'oponopono bring back the inner balance into everyday life, into human relationship in private and professional life.

Elements of Traditional Ho'oponopono

"Ho'o "- means "to do, to create", "Pono" means the right behaviour, the behaviour appropriate to certain situation. Pono is highest value in Hawaiian culture.

Prayer, conversations, confession and readiness for Pono actions were part of the process. At the end of the process specific project have been created, which would help to balance the wrong actions. The important element of Ho'oponopono process was support of ancestors. When received help of Aumakua, participants were obligated to fulfill given requirements.

When problems occurred in Ohana - somebody choose to lie or acted agains other people's goodness, Kahuna was making the statement, that the person acts agains Aumakua. Lack of support of Aumakua meant serious problems for Ohana. All people in Ohana were motivated to bring harmony between people and Gods. Pono actions were required to be respected by all Ohana members - including high chiefs and shamans as well as ordinary people. The real pono actions were called "maoli pono".

When physical problems occurred, Kahuna was asked for help. His job was to find the roots of the problem. First Kahuna would contact Aumakua, and the answer would come in dreams, visions and symbols. Aumakua were helping to choose the certain medicine.

Ho'oponopono in healing psychosomatic problems

Kahunas knew that using herbs would help in Ho'oponopono process to some degree. Although they believed that using herbs only helps to restore the body wellbeing, but could not help in healing the relationship and spiritual part of the problem. When a problem occurred in family (diseases, difficult emotions), all members of the family would meet. All members of Ho'oponopoon process would investigate their own intentions and actions toward all the others.

Ho'oponopono in Ohana

To make traditional Ho'oponopono both sides of the conflict had to be involved. In case of physical disease of one person from the Ohana, all members of Ohana would meet for healing process. Only such full involvement of all would guaranty the long term healing. It was no way to refuse the "invitation" of Kahuna for Ho'oponopono process. Even today, when Kahuna informs a person about his actions toward healing, the person becomes responsible for making changes in their own actions and approach to the problem. The authority of Kahunas is still very high on Hawaii.

Kahuna - as Haku - during the healing process of Ho'oponopono was building the connection between visible and invisible world of humans and Akuas. Kahuna knew the ways to build such connection, kept own intentions pure for effectiveness of the whole process. What is very important as well, Kahuna knew peoples life, their characters and problems very well and could predict possible problems and solutions long before they occurred.

Value of Ho'oponopono process today

Hawaiian people who were using Ho'oponopono believed, that most life mistakes can be healed. They have been focused on practical results more than philosophy and abstractions. Hawaiian people belong to the most balanced race in the world - with their deep sense of pride and strength, which you can feel in contact to ordinary person on the street. Although Hawaiians meet heavy the life challenges, their spiritual attitude to life make them of of most spiritualy avaken people on our planet.

Aloha and Mahalo

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