Traditional Ho'oponopono
Auckland, New Zealand

Parents & Children Relationships Healing

Auckland, 2018

weekend workshop:

- healing traumas in Parent - Child relationship
- understanding systemic relationship patterns between parent and child
- building loving relationships
- traditional Hawaiian Ho'oponopono

During the workshop we explore systemic wisdom of relationships, learn to understand complexity of parent-child relationship. We learn about values and communication that supports this relationships and learn about unique solutions, which can only be used in parent-child relationship. The solutions are different than used in psychology and family constellations, they come from ancient Hawaiian communities’ practices.

During the seminar we practice together and individually - in meditative personal journeys. We ensure full privacy - we only work together with the group on the problem, if the person want to. This workshop continue a series of weekend meetings that offer a diverse range of healing practices. We are working on healing relationship with current children, future desired children and children who passed away and well with our own parents.

More information:
Healing relationships with Parents
Healing relationships with Children

Terenia Pomaika'i
- trainer and counsellor in relationships with over twenty years of practice in cross-cultural environment, MA in management, researcher of cultures.

She has conducted workshops, trainings and provided counselling in Europe, United States, New Zealand, Hawaii & Nepal. She has provided training for managers, therapists, psychologists and doctors to restore the psychophysical balance and create healthy relationships in personal and professional environments. With doctors and therapists she co-creates projects which combine emotional and relational solutions with a proper diet for optimal emotional, mental and physical health. She is currently working on the creation of new types of education, which link scientific and technological advances with human spiritual, emotional and relationship needs.

date: Friday 21st - Sunday 23rd October

time: Friday 18.00 – 21.00, Saturday 10.00 – 20.00, Sunday 14.00 – 21.00

place: South Auckland

contact & registration:
- phone: 0048 602 758 295

You’re cordially invited!
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