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Ana, Hawai'i:
I needed 6 month to prepare myself for next step of our Ho'oponopono practice on the workshop. When I felt, I can come to my parents with open heart, something amazing happened. They started the conversation about what happened in the past - before me. We all cried and from that time we are different family...( Ho'oponopono workshop)
Gerald, Kanada:
I did not know, that it can be so easy to build happy relationship again. I believed that it is not possible any more. I was sure we can only divorce because of a long time of no communication. I came from session and said to my wife, that to build with her happy marriage it most important goal in my life. We cried together and later started to talk about hundrets of misunderstandings in communication we did...(private session about communication in partnership)
Marko, Hawaii:
I had astma symptoms for many years, using medicaments for managing symptoms. On session we discovered that my father who is standing just in front of me. I was alway doing what he wanted. This time - with respect to him as Father, I decided that I will build my life instead of him... This decission resulted in huge changes in my professional and private life... My astma dissapeared, I don't how it works, but most important that something works! (private session about health)
Antek, Poland:
With every new job, which I was taking, after 2-3 years I was quiting. I became more and more frustrated and tired with fear that Im not able to build any succesfull business. We found out the huge black hole just on my path to professional business. In the middle of this hole - I found myslef, very little, about 5 years old. Suddenly I started to remember the memories from childood, when drunk father was caming back home. One he took me and thown me on the wall very angry shouting I will never be anybody...I though I will explode with despare, sadness and anger in one. For one month I was following the advises from our session to stay very warm and friendly to this little kid inside me. Today, 5 years later - I have stabil, succesful possition and not fear of falling down again. The memories feels like a bad dream, but I can stay relativery peaceful remembering them. We talk with father today normally - what was never possible in the past..(training for therapist)

on Hawaii

Ana and Dauglas, US:
It was the best life vacation, we ever had! Thanks very, very much for unique, amazing experience!
Fanta and Mark, Poland:
We wanted a child and could not for years.. We came to Hawaii, did some cleaning frmo ghosts of baby, who died few years ago, took the stone from the heiau dedicated for Birht and.... became pregrant few days later - still on Hawaii! Out baby is happily born!!! Aloha!
Agatha, Slovakia:
I never had such spiritual experience as in the jungle talking to Awaiku in front of waterfall.. I realize how much is in me, what is forgotten and so beautiful! I continue the meditations and practice and my life became so shining!
Beate, Great Britan:
My daugher did not talk to me for many, many years. It was the most sad situtation in my life. In Ho'oponopono healing temples I cryied lake of tears, talking to my daugher about my responsibilities and love as of mother. I deeply wanted to build back love between us. I happen 1 moths after I came from Hawaii. She phoned me and offered meeting. I'm the happiest mother in the world!
Barbara, Czech Republik:
I came to Hawaii with cyst in my belly which was dangerous for my life. After three weeks of the visit I came back home and doctors said my belly is healthy - nothing there! They checked me again in 9 months - nothing!. My visit was dedicated to heal it and it happened! Thanks Hawaii!!

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