Traditional Ho'oponopono
for Children

Our Children are our future...take loving care of them, your future will be beautiful:-)
Having adult child means learning new ways of being the parent...for many parents such change is too big
Expessing love to children is not the same to loving them.

Healing Relationship with Children
and healing what we carry from Childhood


- healthy parent for baby child
- shift for becoming parent of adult child
- relationship with children, who passed away
- guilt, sadness, depression, anger toward the child
- loving and posessing children
- punishment obiedience training and love
- traumas from childhood, which still exists
- beliefs of parents about what person the child is
- protecting from own parents
- Hawaiian traditions for parental love
- Hawaiian solutions and healing concequences of childhood trauma and abuse
- creating identity independent from partents ideas
- happiness in parent-children relationship

Maria: "... I lost my first baby. The guilt and sadness for such huge, that I was not able to love my next child. She started to develop horrible symptoms - trying to suiside and taking drugs. I realized on seminar that big part of their behaviour comes from mine unresoved issued with first baby. I did healing. It was a miracle. My daughter changed completely.They are happy, joyful kids now. I do not believe, but I have results. Thanks!
For participants of seminars (only) are organized trips to Hawai'i, Nepal, Romanian mountains (Sarmisegetuza Regia).
This seminar is a part of bigger educational project. Participants can continue stuyding different topics from ancient cultures and modern science practice. Project is preparing people for working in new educational system, oriented on relationship health and cooperation within Ohanas with environment.
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