Traditional Ho'oponopono for Families

Family is a living being. If one person become sick, the whole system suffers. We cannot be free from it. But we can help one person, so that we and all others will relax. T.Pomaika'i

Bringing Happiness into Families
healing toxic family patterns


- systemic understanding of own family
- recognizing uncioncious patterns of behaviour
- healing toxic family traditions
- Pandora's boxes which carry family
- what cannot be spoken in my family
- ways of expressing love in my family
- to open or to protect from the family members
- save and dangerous families
- anger and punishment which is systemic
- family love sources and blockages
- Hawaiian approach for family healing

Anda, Hawaii: "... we all met for traditional ho'oponopono because jung woman in the family was just ready to give birth and we felt we need to do some healing. It was so deep and shocking, what we discovered. We had already dead baby in the family and we unconciously prepared for the new-coming baby the same future. In the last moment we changed our approach. Baby was born but doctors said it was a mirracle. Maybe it was a coincidence, but we felt, its not. We are so greatufel for Hawaiian widsom. Mahalo!
For participants of seminars (only) are organized trips to Hawai'i, Nepal, Romanian mountains (Sarmisegetuza Regia).
This seminar is a part of bigger educational project. Participants can continue stuyding different topics from ancient cultures and modern science practice. Project is preparing people for working in new educational system, oriented on relationship health and cooperation within Ohanas with environment.
"Traditional Ho'oponoponopono - Healing Relationship with Children", author: Terenia Pomaika'i, copyrights © 2018, copying and publishing with written permission of author only.
"Traditional Ho'oponopono for Families", author Terenia Pomaika'i, copyrights 2018, copying and publishing only with written permission of the author.
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