Healing Family Systems

Generations are like a river in which we are swimmming. The reiver can be clean and safe or dangerous and dark. We can choose to clean the river...
Only because something happened a long time ago, does not mean, that you are not carrying it in your life... T.Pomaika'i

healing long-term unconcious life patterns

During the workshop we practice expanded counciousness. We discover the conncetions on many levels which can bring new understanding into our present actions. We practice how to live meaningful life so that we may become Aumakua - the supprotive ancestors for future generations.


- making concious family paradigms
- memories of ancestors
- values and lack of values that runs families
- freedom for love and purity
- understand and heal heavy long-term patterns
- delevop perception or family systems

Info about Training here

For participants of seminars (only) are organized trips to Hawai'i, Nepal, Romanian mountains (Sarmisegetuza Regia).
This seminar is a part of bigger educational project. Participants can continue stuyding different topics from ancient cultures and modern science practice. Project is preparing people for working in new educational system, oriented on relationship health and cooperation within Ohanas with environment.
"Healing Relationships in Generations" author Terenia Pomaika'i, copyrights © 2018
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