Individual Sessions
of Traditional Ho'oponopono

for Individuals, Parents, Partners, Friends,
Families, Co-workers, Managers, Team Leaders

- searching for the truth, what happened

- finding who hurt whom and why

- realising consequences of harm

- searching for Pono actions

- creating cooperation in brining Pono

- observing how Pono actions rebuild trust

- enjoying happiness by both parties involved

During sessions we deal with:
lies, abuse, traumas, toxic bonds, limiting beliefs, false assumptions, jelousy, fear, harted and more.

1. Session follow traditional Hawaiian approach towards healing.

2. Finding the Truth of what happened is the base for futher healing.

3. Session follow traditional Hawaiian approach towards healing.

4. There is no space for lies and hidden agendas, all and everything need to come out.

5. Traditional Ho'oponopono is based on highest values.

6. When Pono actions are provided, the healing is constant, mirracles happen.

7. Duration of sessions depend on choice and various limitations.


phone: +4860 2758 295

You are welcome to experience Traditional Hawaiian healing practice! E komo mai!
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