Traditional Ho'oponopono
with Parents

Healing difficult relationships with Parents is like moving Stones from you Life Path...
Parents are our masters - whatever they created in their lifes, have huge consequences on our lifes. Healing relationship with parents brings freedom of choosing different life, than parent created. T.Pomaika'i

Healing relationships with own Parents
and Parents of the Partner

If you perceive your Parents through the memories from your childhood, and the childhood was not the happiest one, you may carry a big burden though life. No matter how long time ago you was a child, if not healed, your childhood may be a source of never evending suffering.

Rationally your childhood is gone and eveything what you have, are just memories. In emotional reality, the suffering is still happening. And may influece your choices, who you will choose for a partner or for a boss. Your unhealed relationship may have influcene on your decission of becoming a parent or not as well will define the quality of your parenting.


- what became repressed and forgotten from childhood?
- Parent-Support or Parent-Challenge?
- Parental Love or Parental punishment?
- who I am in relationship with Parents as an Adult Child?
- do Parents supprot my adult life choices?
- do my Parents support my dreams - what is really important for me?
- can my Parents see me as healthy, succesful, independent?
- Love, Responsibility, Punishment, Ownership, Control
- Pandora's boxes in relationship with Parents
- Hawaiian approach to healing relationship with Parents - practice

Anna, Slovakia :...for many years I was fighting with my father. He was criticing me for everything - for my life decissions, for what I do and how I do. I'm 50 years old woman, and he is an old man. I started to feel ovelwhelming sadness; I worked so hard for one year to change this relationship and nothing worked. ... Angry and sad I stood in front of him and said finaly what i wanted to say for one year and was not able... Father become silent and started to cry. This moment transfored our relationship! We are now different people. I understand now, what meand healing.
Anna, Romania: " mom was nice and supportive for my brother, but for me she had different tone of voice, different approach. In adult life I always had difficulties with women-boses. They were all treating me as a little girl. I knew that if I do not change my relationship with my mother, problems with strong, powerful women will continue. I started to use Hawaiian healing. Everything change like in a dream. Thank you!..."
Iwona, Warszawa: ..."my dad treated me as a princess. He let me do, whatever I wanted. He worked hard so that I would have whatever I wanted. My mom needs were not important. As 45 years old women I did not understood, why I cannot find a partner. No one man is good enough for me, or for my dad. I know I have to heal my relationship with dad, if I want to have chance for normal, happy partnership...."
Zyszek, Warszawa: "... my father did not existed in our life - always busy. I have never seen my parents happy. But I always felt, that I am the most important person in life of my mom. And I can trust my mom, how I never trusted any woman. I know this is the reason, why I do not get married. Im 55 with many short-term relationships. My only dream in life is to be able to love a woman and create real, happy partership. Looks like its the biggest challenge in my life. I started healing with mom - this process shakes me so deeply. I do want to contine..."
Tomas: "...I came to private session with one wish, that my mother would stop treating me as 5 years old boy! Im busissnesman, but any time I visit my mom, I become a child, which she want to protect but also criticize! I used Hawaiian healing - it was a miracle. My mom changed just in one day! thank you..."

Info about Training here

For participants of seminars (only) are organized trips to Hawai'i, Nepal, Romanian mountains (Sarmisegetuza Regia).
This seminar is a part of bigger educational project. Participants can continue stuyding different topics from ancient cultures and modern science practice. Project is preparing people for working in new educational system, oriented on relationship health and cooperation within Ohanas with environment.
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