Creating Happy Partnership

"do not expect, that your partner will react to what you are showing. He will react to the truth. If your tears are manipulation, he will react to manipulation, not to tears"
"look what relationship have yours and your partner's parents - then you will know with what you need to work, if you want a happy partnership"
"its possible to create truly happy partnership even is nobody around having it" T.Pomaika'i

Healing Relationships between Partners
creating happy Partnership


- differnt models of partnerships, which we bring into relationship
- partnership as social relationship
- partnership love
- ovnership, abuse, control in partnership
- critic and coomunication
- what is the real challenge in partnership?
- pretends, lies and fear-based decissions
- who I am in partnership?
- repeated family traditions and beliefs
- parents as role models for partnership
- sexuality and spirituality in partnership

Rysiek, Poznań " my first partnership I repeated nearly all mistakes from my father's partnership. I believed, that the woman is doing all wrong. In next relationships I was searching for ideal woman and I believed basicaly that women are stupid (it was the belief of my father). I paid huge price for it. I lost many years of life and many potentially fantastic partnerships. I start from nearly zero now. I meet great woman last week. I know now - I have to change my approach, my beliefs and many of my behaviours. Cross fingers for my success! ..."
Margarett, France "...I married from social pressure and fear of loneliness. After giving birth my child bacame the source of all my happiness. I focused only on him. My husband not only accepted it; one day he announce that he fall in love and went away. All people around were blaming him for leaving loveny woman with the kid. But I knew the truth. I needed to face, how do I entered relationship with him. It not just him being bad. It was me, making decission to marry without loving him. Pono is ruthless rule, but it making miracles in life. Only for those who have courrage to face the truth..."
Miron UK, "... I learn how to manipulate man after my mom. She could make man do anything she wanted. I believed that its normal and we women should do it this way. Until I met a man and fall in love. And it was too late to safe this relationship. He is gone. I do attend seminars and sessions and pray that I do change myslelf before will meet again such man. Or many will have never chance again. What I do try to say to all my friends and people - its too late to change for better when you meet your love of life. You do change before, so that you do not hurt this beloved person, until he/she goes away! Thank you Hawaiian! ...."

Info about Training here

For participants of seminars (only) are organized trips to Hawai'i, Nepal, Romanian mountains (Sarmisegetuza Regia).
This seminar is a part of bigger educational project. Participants can continue stuyding different topics from ancient cultures and modern science practice. Project is preparing people for working in new educational system, oriented on relationship health and cooperation within Ohanas with environment.
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