Training of Traditional Hawaiian Ho'oponopono

You are welcome to join the training and practice of Hawaiian traditions. Cycle of seven weekend-workshops brings understanding into the relationships patterns, consequences of toxic family traditions, influence of relationships on your body health, professional succes and more. Training helps to understand roots of suffering and failure and offers effective solutions from ancient Hawaiian traditional practice.

seminar 1. Emotions & Body suffering

seminar 2. Wise Parents

seminar 3. Happy Children

seminar 4. Loving Partners

seminar 5. Healthy Families

seminar 6. Supportive Generations

seminar 7. Spirits & Ghosts

For more information about each seminar, please click on the title.

During workshops the teacher describes the roots of the problem, demonstrates the consequences of keeping the problem and search for appropriate solution. Solutions used during training are oriented for long-term results. We use traditional, Hawaiian approach in healing. The solutions were used not only on old Hawaii but in last 20 years in therapeutic practice in Europe and America with amazing results. In healing practice we follow high values and express respect to all members of the family. We don not judge, push, demand, scare or hipnotize. We do keep space for persons feelings and needs. We do respect spiritual needs of participants.

Training is based on 20 years of intense cross-cultural therapeutic practice. Traditional Ho'oponopono is greatest solution for solving family, emotional, spiritual and psychosomatic challenges. Training include insights of Hawaiian healers from Big Island Hawai'i - of Papa Henry Auwae, Auntie Mona Kahele, Auntie Margaret Machado and many others Kahuna, Kupuna and Kumu. Training is held in cooperation with doctors, psychologists and therapist of different specilities for holistic benetits.

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