of Traditional Ho'oponopono

Terenia Pomaika'i

Terenia practice & teaches traditional Hawaiian Ho'oponopono over 23 years.

She is studying Polynesian culture as well as other shamanic cultures for over 30 years. She is leading Cross-Culture Research Center, working on creation of a new education, that connect old shamanic traditions and modern science discoveries. Years of intense and demanding training resulted in blessings given by Hawaiian Kahunas to use and teach Hawaiian shamanic traditions.

She got blessing for continuing Tradtitional Ho'oponopono by Kahuna Ho'oponopono, Auntie Mona Kahele from Big Island Hawai'i (15 years ago). Auntie Mona was one of few healers, who continued ancient original traditions of healing, regarding enormous repressions. Her work was based on Aloha, Ohana and Pono rules. Her work was a real Ho'oponopono.

She says to her students : careful to use your Power, enjoy to follow your Heart...
also: "Traditional Ho'oponopono is not a "technique" that make is easy to get rid of all your problematic relationships and unconfortable emotions such guilt ,fear or anger. Traditional Ho'oponopono is a cultural heritage of ancient Hawaiian ancestors. Traditional Ho'oponopono is a deep, complex knowledge about how to bring back love into relationship folloving honest healing process and lots of pono actions which restore trust between people. Its more than a simple technique. Its a life path"
...this is what my Hawaiian teacher, Kahuna of Traditional Ho'oponopono was saying to me: ...
"when we needed to heal somebody, we were meeting all. And the meeting was as long as it was needed. Sometimes one hour, sometimes few days. We had to find the source of the problem. On the way to it, we need to listen to all the truths - of all involved into the problem. We were searching for real Truth - what realy happened, what intentions people had, why they have done, what they did. We were seaching for actions which can balance the wrong-doing. We were searching for Love. This was old Hawaiian ways of healing. Ho'oponopono." people believe that Ho'oponopono is a mind technique that make possible to get rid of consequences of wrong actions towards others by "cutting them away". Its done by all kinds of techniques from "forgiving", "releasing" to deleting guilt (which is a healthy emotional response towards hurting somebody and never should be deleted without taken actions towards healing the wrong-action!). Today concept of ho'oponopono get reversed into the western-type quick fix, which only works for the benefit of the person, who have done wrong and do not want to carry consequences of own actions. Such approach destroy the most beautiful concept of relationship healing, which real ho'oponopono have always been.
Ho'oponopono need to be bring back in the original form. Its a relationship healing process, that brings back trust and love for both parties involved. Its requires much more effords, that modern methods used under the same name promise, but it gives long-term beautiful effects in shape of relatioship happiness instead of relationship void (which is the result of "cutting away" connections with unwanted people (often named "forgiving")....

Besides the passion and love of Hawaiian culture, Terenia trains managers in organisations in the area of relationship health and success. She teaches in Europe, UK, NZ, Nepal, Hawai'i and co-create projects for new education..


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