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Kahuna, Kumu & Kupuna on Hawai'i

respected Elders, Kumu, Kupuna i Kahunas from Hawaiian islands

Auntie Mona Kahele

Kahuna Ho'oponopono, Kupuna from Kona, Big Island. She learned from her grandfather,a Kahuna. She was serving her Hawaiian comunity with sensitive heart and open mind practicing old traditinoal Ho'oponopono. She was telling us the true Hawaiian history from time of cpt Jamens Cook arrival. Her grandparents were presend on Kealakekua beach, while captain Cook arrived in 1779. Her granparent told her many important details of that history, which are not included in any official white-people written books. She was not "teaching" Ho'oponopono, she was using it in everyday service for local people. Auntie Mona work is a confirmation that "old" Ho'oponopono was never "dead", but was very alive and was bringing great result for Hawaiian comunity. Mahalo Auntie for your wisdom!

Papa Henry Auwae

Papa Henry was a Kahuna Nui on Big Island Hawai'i, for over 40 years years the most acknowledged healer of on the island, the Hawaiian Living Treasure. Papa was taught the healing practice by his grandfather, who lived before captain James Cook "discovered" Hawai'i. He was practicing healing from the early teenager times. The knowledge and wisdom of Papa Henry was unique and very important - he understood the process of creating health and sickness to the very deep degree. The famous statement of Papa Henry: "your body reflect your relationships" is the starting point for a journey to learn old Hawaiian wisdom, which western people call "miracles". Thank you Papa Henry, your shared wisdom and knowledge continue to bring goodness into people lifes! Mahalo

Auntie Nerita Machado

Kumu Lomi Lomi, daughter of Auntie Margaret Machado. Auntie Nerita continues traditions of Lomilomi on Big Island. Her life was from childhood connected with Lomilomi, when people from all over the planet were visiting little house near the ocean for experience Aloha. Auntie remember Hawaiian ways of life of old. Thank you Auntie Nerita for your massage lessons, where human values are more important than diplomas:-)

Auntie Margaret Machado

Kahuna LomiLomi from Big Island. Auntie Margaret life motto was: "when you do Lomilomi, touch the person with Love". She was sharing with people old Hawaiian traditional aproach to massage, that love is more important than any techniques.

Hope Ilima Keawe & John Keawe

Highly respected Kumu and Kupuna from Big Island Hawai'i. They continue teaching Hawaiian traditions through chants and dance. John is creating his music with strong connection to his ancestors and Hawaiian values, Hope is Kumu in her own Hula Halau in Hawi, Big Island. She continue to practice and teach Hula dance in traditions of Goddess Pele. Kumu Hope is teaching us how to be strong in any circumstances, how to continue Ohana values of family responsibilities and parental wisdom. We remember you, Auntie - when you danced for us, as if time stopped - with endless energy, endless desire to share your experiences.. Thank you Uncle and Auntie!

Auntie Maile Napoleon

Auntie Maile will bless your marriage with beautiful Hawaiian wedding and make you feel Aloha in Lomilomi massage. Auntie Mailie will teach you joy and positive approach to life, no matter of you age and life situation. Thank you Auntie Maile and Danny for your Hawaiian Lomilomi touch!

Uncle John Kaimikaua

Kumu of Hula dance and traditional chants, also known by friends as a shaman of old type . He had and old knowledge about dealing with curses. He never used it agains people, but was teaching healers to understand the depth of human interactions

Uncle George Naope

Kahuna of Hula and traditional chants. He was a Hawaiian Living Treasure, remember old rituals and old ways of life on Hawai'i. Uncle George was asked to stop lava flow when Godess of volcano was sending flow of lava to Hilo. He was praying and chanting for hours and hours until lava flow stopped. He was a Living Treasure - preserving hula traditions.

Mahalo Great Teachers for your widsom, patience and open heart!

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